Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Starting A New Look For Faith of the Fathers

I have started implementing a bit of a different look for the blogs of "Faith of the Fathers". The template colors are the same with one difference. Instead of a two column template, I am switching over to a three column look. The template comes from Blogcrowds, and I like the way it looks, and hope you do as well.

I have tried to maintain most of the sidebar elements, and have added a couple of new things, such as a Catholic related custom Google search, a banner link for the Hunger Site, and I kept the Babel Fish page translator for those visitors who have a primary language other than english.

I am also in the process of implementing a different comments management system from DISQUS. I was using Haloscan, but they will soon be going to a paid comments management system instead of free. I like the looks of DISQUS, and I feel that it will give visitors more options to choose how they leave their comments. It should also make it easier for me to keep the spam commenters out as well.

Please bear with me as I make these changes as it is a slow process. The changes have already been made on this blog, Apologetics, The Early Church Fathers, Church Under Attack, Saint Quote of the Day, and Catholic Books and Movies. So, six down and only 18 to go. (Whispers a prayer: "LORD, give me strength".)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

How You Can Help Feed The Hungry....FREE!

The Hunger Site

Awhile back in a conversation with a friend of mine, she mentioned a site where you could go, and by clicking a graphic at the top of the page, corporate sponsors would donate money to help feed the hungry.

It was one of those things you intend to make use of, and somehow you never get around to it, or you quite simply forget. I, unforgivably, forgot.

The conversation was awakened when I accidentally ran into this friend again, and this time, I remembered to write the information down.

If you will look to the right at the sidebar you will see a lovely new graphic that says "Help Feed the World's Hungry With One Click". Clicking that graphic box, will take you to "The Hunger Site", where at the top of their page you will see a bright yellow (or orange depending on your browser and monitor) that says "Click Here to Give - it's FREE". Click that button, and corporate sponsors will donate to buy food.

According to the information provided at "The Hunger Site" :

"On average, over 220,000 individuals from around the world visit the site each day to click the yellow "Click Here to Give - it's FREE" button. To date, more than 300 million visitors have given more than 657 million cups of staple food.

The staple food funded by clicks at The Hunger Site is paid for by site sponsors and distributed to those in need by Mercy Corps , Feeding America (formerly America's Second Harvest) , and Millennium Promise . 100% of sponsor advertising fees goes to our charitable partners. Funds are split between these organizations and go to the aid of hungry people in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and North America."

To me, 220,000 individuals clicking once a day is not enough. So, I am asking people who read all of our blogs, to please click on our "Hunger Site" buttons once a day. Also, if you are the owner of a blog, a home page, a website, or an e-commerce site, I challenge you to include a button or text link for the "Hunger Site" on your pages. Especially all of you Catholic bloggers! Get yours (a text link, button or banner) by cliking on this link :

You're chicken if you don't!

I know that the "Faith of the Fathers" blogs have visitors every day from all over the world. I am asking all of you, to please help by simply clicking the box in the sidebars of our blogs, and then click to feed hungry men, women, and children around the globe. The people who subscribe to our feeds with a feed reader will also have a chance to participate, as I have set a text link to appear in the footer of every post for all of our 23 blogs.

Whether you are Catholic, Protestant, agnostic, American, Canadian, Filipino, Australian, German, or one should be against feeding the hungry. Especially when all it costs you is the time it takes for a click or two.

Your brother in Christ,

The Hunger Site

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

New Posts For 12/08/2009

Each of these have two new posts, as I was sick yesterday and unable to get them up sooner.

Daily Mass Readings; and Saint Quote of the Day

Monday, December 07, 2009

New Posts For 12/07/2007

New posts on:

Favorite Prayers And Scripture; Daily Mass Readings; and Saint Quote of the Day

Saturday, December 05, 2009

New Posts For 12/05/2009

New Posts on:

Daily Mass Readings; Pope Benedict XVI; Busy Mom's Notebook; and Saint Quote of the Day

Friday, December 04, 2009

New Posts

New Posts on:

Daily Mass Readings; Pope Benedict XVI; and Saint Quote of the Day

Recommended Reading

Here is a list of some recommended readings from our blogs:

On "Apologetics": What Does Being Catholic Mean? by Marie

On "Saints of the Faith": Blessed Mary MacKillop by Marie

On "Spiritual Warfare": Too Smart For Church by Steve

On "Spirituality and Mysticism" : Look Around You And See That God's Love Is Real by Ginny

On "Our Lady": Joseph And Mary A Holy Union by Marie and

On "The Early Church Fathers" : Saint Pope Clement I- Early Church Father by Steve

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Trying A New Idea

As some of the contributors of these blogs are either now ill, or other factors don't allow their being able to contribute here as much as before, I am going to try a “new” approach.

Since the home page for this series of blogs is “Faith of the Fathers” (, there will be a new headline animator (courtesy of FeedBurner) for this page placed in the top portion of the sidebar on each page of all the blogs. Since some people read only “Saint Quote of the Day”, “Pope Benedict XVI”, or one of the other of our other 23 total blogs under the Faith of the Fathers blogs (we have a kids section with 6 blogs), those readers may not be aware of the other blogs, and their content.

In the past, Marie, Ginny, Emmy and myself have all contributed our own original writings to “Spirituality and Mysticism”, “Saints of the Faith”, “Spiritual Warfare”, and essentially on all of our pages. Many of those writings (theirs, not mine) were quite good, are still quite good, and are very much worth reading, or even reading again if you've read them before.

So, each week I am going to place on the main page, a posting with some recommended posts from each section, called “Recommended Reading”. I will also have a post for “New Postings” as they occur. The “New Postings” will include “Daily Mass Readings” posts, “Saint Quote of the Day” posts (which are both daily postings), and “Pope Benedict XVI” (which occurs weekdays with news from the Vatican Information Service). Other new postings will be noted as they occur.

Since I will be going solo apparently, I can't promise how often new postings will occur on the other blog pages, but I will do my best.

At the ripe old age of 54, I have given up on the hope of being adopted by near-sighted millionaires who would throw embarrassing amounts of cash my way, which would leave me with the time necessary to write all I want. Since I have grown accustomed to eating and living indoors, it is necessary that I work, and my postings will occur as time permits. So please bear with me.

I hope this will be of help to our readers, and bring some good reading to the readers of all our blogs.

The Peace of Christ to you all!


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