Thursday, January 21, 2010

Some Recommended Reading

Once again, I am going to post a few recommended items to read which have appeared on the different blogs of “Faith of the Fathers”.

First however, I want to recommend that you read an article by Dr. Marcellino D'Ambrosio, entitled "Catholics and Bible Study: Ignorance of Scripture is NOT Catholic!” A post from Apologetics, "Why Don't Catholic Read the Bible?” , goes well with this.

 I’d also like to recommend two articles on The Blessed Virgin Mary, first on Our Lady, “Mary The Heart of A Mother” and on Approved Apparitions “Our Lady of Lourdes”.

From Spiritual Warfare you may want to read “The New Tower of Babel” and from Saints of the Faith, you can read a biography of the first United States citizen to be canonized, “Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini”.

Lastly, on The Early Church Fathers you can read about the saint who battled the heresy of Gnosticism “Saint Irenaeus of Lyons”.

For those visitors to our blogs who may be new, we have posts each day for Daily Mass Readings, and Saint Quote of the Day.


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