Sunday, September 05, 2010

Three Posts From Other Blogs To Read

In my last post, I mentioned my blog list on the right hand sidebar of Faith of the Fathers blogs, and I want to call your attention to three of those and a post from each that you should read.

The first is from Creative Minority Report, and the title of the article is "Abortion Clinic Director Faked Bomb Scare". The title pretty much gives you the gist of the story, but it is informative reading.

The second post comes from Voices For Life, and the article there is must reading esoecially for those with elderly parents in the United States. The article is entitled "Modern Murder: Euthanasia is Here!" Please read it for yourself and for your loved ones.

Last but not least is from the blog of National Catholic Register called  "Frontline Faith Catholic Content for Sacrament-Starved Troops". It relates the efforts of  Cheri Lomonte to get the ball rolling to send Catholic content MP3 players to our Catholic American troops overseas. To give you an idea of the importance of this work, keep in mind that there are over 300,000 Catholics serving in the United States armed forces, and just 280 Catholic chaplains.

I hope you find these posts to be worthwhile reading as I did.


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