Wednesday, June 15, 2011

From "Accepting Abundance": Teresa Speaks

Many of you are acquainted with the Catholic blogger Lisa Graas. I link to her blog, Lisa Graas, on the right hand sidebar under the "My Favorite Catholic Blogs" list. Well, it seems that Lisa's 12 year old daughter Teresa has her own blog called "I Can Haz Peanut". I think it's one more example of the old saying, "the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree".

Now, not only has this young lady started her own blog, but she is also going to be participating in a project over at the blog "Accepting Abundance" with a series of cartoon videos called "Teresa Speaks".

The following is from "Accepting Abundance":

  • I'm excited to introduce a wonderful new talented writer, the insightful daughter of fearless and faithful blogger Lisa Graas, Teresa. She has her own blog, I Can Haz Peanut, but once a month she is going to work with her mother and me to produce a new series of cartoon videos intended to send a message of faith to adults and children.
So congratulations to Teresa, Lisa, and Stacy ("Accepting Abundance")!

You can view this first cartoon video called "Teresa Speaks: My Favorite Bible Verse" by playing it below. You can also watch it at "Accepting Abundance". No matter where you watch it, be sure to go over to "Accepting Abundance" and give Teresa et al a word or two of encouragement!

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