Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Computer Is Wheezing (Sidebar Poll)

OK...not really wheezing. 

It is beginning to give indications...strong indications...that it is on it's last legs. So to speak. It is beyond slow and uninstalling and re-installing the OS is not making any difference. It is maxed out on installed RAM ( a whopping 2 GB), and I have removed every unnecessary software and background programs that I can.

I can not complain, as this old Compaq has served me well over the last 7 plus years I have had it.

So, I would appreciate your participation in the poll on the upper right sidebar, by choosing which brand you would buy.

I didn't choose a Mac, because frankly, I can't afford it. I did include Compaq in the poll, simply because this one has been so reliable.

If you choose "other" or want to explain your choice, you can send me an email here. Please put "Computer Poll" as the subject.



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