Thursday, July 05, 2012

BBC News - Kenyan Muslim groups 'to protect churches'

The following excerpts are from a news story on BBC News:
  • Muslim leaders in Kenya have agreed to form self-defence groups to protect churches following a deadly attack on Sunday.
  • Fifteen people were killed in the raids on churches in Garissa, a town near the border with Somalia.
  • Kenya's border region has been tense since it sent troops into Somalia to pursue al-Shabab Islamist militants.
  • Adan Wachu, head of the Supreme Council of Kenyan Muslims, told the BBC the attacks were acts of terrorism.
  • "There are people out there who are determined to make Kenya another Nigeria," Mr Wachu, who also chairs the Inter-Religious Council of Kenya, told the BBC Network Africa programme.
  • "It's not going to be allowed to have a sectarian division in this country - whoever wants to do that will of course fail."
  • Mr Wachu said that at a meeting the Inter-Religious Council of Kenya on Tuesday it was unanimously agreed the church attacks were acts of "terrorists and terrorism".
  • "Therefore we all resolved to stand together as one united front," he said.
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BBC News - Kenyan Muslim groups 'to protect churches'


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