Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Facebook Page Promotes Abortion, Attacks Child with Terminal Condition |

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  • Facebook has become a major communications network for people of all ages throughout the world. Created as a way to allow high school friends to keep in touch after heading to college, the social media site has erupted into a place where people are free to bully and free to create offensive, harmful pages. One such page is simply titled “Abortions.”
  • Despite countless e-mails to Facebook to remove the page, Facebook refuses. It doesn’t consider the page offensive or involved in hate speech despite the fact that the page’s creator continuously posts pictures of a girl who lives with Progeria, calling her ugly and comparing her to vampires. But the Abortions page’s main purpose is to make light of abortion, from comments about all aborted babies being in hell to cartoons of a man kicking a pregnant woman in the belly. The page has over 7,000 likes.
  • Luckily, there is a page on Facebook called “1,000,000 people to take down the Abortions page.” Unfortunately, it has only just over 1,000 likes. Whether you’re pro-choice or pro-life, you should find the Abortions page offensive, just as it is likely offensive to abortion survivors, women who regret their abortions, and people with disabilities. Report the page to Facebook, and like the page against it. Our voices will change the way the world views abortion and the level of respect we show for others.
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Facebook Page Promotes Abortion, Attacks Child with Terminal Condition |


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