Thursday, August 16, 2012

Post From The Past: "Why Women Can't Be Priests"

"Ordaining of the Twelve Apostles" -- by James Tissot

The following excerpt is from our blog, Church Under Attack. Written by Marie in August of 2005, it is entitled "Why Women Can't Be Priests":
  • The Ordination of women into the Priesthood seems to be the burning question for this particular century. It has brought much pain and anguish to some Catholic women both laity and religious and also much anger, why is this so when the Church's position has not changed over the centuries?
  • If women feel they are being unjustly treated or are being disregarded as to their value within The Catholic Church, then contrary to their 'perceived' erroneous opinion that The Church devalues women, in favor of a 'Patriarchal' hierarchy, they are then misinformed. One must then draw the conclusion that outside of the facts the women who feel themselves degraded or devalued is of a personal nature, rather than Church policy!
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