Monday, September 10, 2012

Ireland Pro-Lifers Fighting to Keep Unborn Children Protected |

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  • Ireland has been known for being a very pro-life nation, which outlaws abortion in all cases. However, there is increasing pressure to review the current law. A European Court of Human Rights panel will release a report in September that may recommend that Ireland’s government allow abortion in the case of risk to a mother’s life. It comes in response to a 2010 ruling the court made, saying women with cancer had their rights violated since they would have to seek an abortion outside the country. According to its 2011 Census, 84% of Ireland is Catholic, which can help explain the country being pro-life.
  • Liam Gibson, Northern Ireland spokesperson for the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children, expressed his concerns on a phone interview. “The decline in interest in religion in Ireland has serious implications for the pro-life movement in the country. It is not simply the loss of faith in Irish society which will affect the pro-life message but the change in the culture’s view of human life which will be decisive.”
  • Kathleen Lynch, minister of state at The Department of Health, thinks that the government has no choice but to allow changes in legislation in order to maintain membership with the European Union.
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Ireland Pro-Lifers Fighting to Keep Unborn Children Protected |


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