Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Catholic Bishop: Vote for Obama "Stretches the Imagination" | LifeNews.com

The following excerpts are from LifeNews.com:
  • Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio of Brooklyn is the latest Catholic official to say that voting for pro-abortion President Barack Obama is essentially off limits for Catholic voters.
  • He said the Catholic Church needs to do a better job of teaching Catholic voters who gravitate towards pro-abortion candidates. In his column in the diocesan newspaper, Bishop DiMarzio wrote:
  • It is inconceivable to me how Catholics could support such policies. Indeed, Roman Catholics who support abortion rights and vote for a candidate because of those policies, place him/herself outside of the life of the Church. In so doing, they also place themselves in moral danger.
  • Is it possible to vote for somebody despite their support for these policies? To my mind, it stretches the imagination, especially when there is another option. The dignity and sanctity of human life are the foundational values upon which all other policies are built. Concern for the poor, the stranger in our midst, they are all predicated upon our belief in the dignity and sanctity of human life.
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Catholic Bishop: Vote for Obama "Stretches the Imagination" | LifeNews.com


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