Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Now Even More Monk Shots - Single Serve Coffee Pods

Monk Shots - Single Serve Coffee Pods are compatible with all major single serve brewers including Keurig ®, Breville ®, Mr. Coffee ® and Cuisinart ®, single-serve machines. 

They are available in Midnight Vigils Blend, Decaffeinated Arabica, Cinnamon Coffee Cake, Royal Rum Pecan, and the Variety Pack. Variety Pack includes Mystic Monk Blend, Midnight Vigils Blend, Breakfast Blend, Cinnamon Coffee Cake, Royal Rum Pecan and Decaf. Arabica!

The Mystic Monk Blend Coffee Pods sold out in the first week after being introduced, and they are working on getting more of them.

The good monks have this to say about their Single Serve Coffee Pods:

Warning: Our Monk-Shots are stronger than regular single serve coffee pods!  Your coffee may taste far more delicious than normal pods.  Each pod can produce far more coffee with a much more delicious taste.  Caution, this taste is due to the freshness, quality and amount of coffee in each Monk-Shot - far more than your average single serve pod.  (Use the larger size cup setting for a normal cup of coffee and less for a very delicious strong coffee.  We recommend using the 10 oz setting on your machine for a normal cup.)

Enjoy Monk-Shots at your own risk of never buying the other brands again!

Ordering a quantity of 1 gets you a package of 14 single serve Monk Shots.


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