Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Evangelization: Something We Should All Do


The article begins as follows:

"On occasion we hear the admonition from Rome or the local pulpit: evangelize. Go forth and speak of Catholicism. Spread authentic Christianity!
We hear that good notion (part of Christ's own admonition) but usually with little advice on how to do it [this was written before the Pope's recent remarks].
Yet, ways there are.
The most basic: go to homes; door to door; visit people in your community; show them what Catholics look like and act like and believe like, as opposed to the conceptions they may have from the media.
If Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons can do it -- if evangelicals can, with substantial results -- why can't the world's oldest and most authentic form of Christianity?"

Indeed, why can't Catholics....or even more importantly....why don't Catholics go door to door?

I have asked this question many times, and the only response I have ever gotten is a shrug of the shoulders.

It makes one ask questions. Do Catholics not care if no one else comes home to the Catholic Church? Do they not care if people come into the Church, only to disappear a short time later?

It would seem on the surface at least, that many, if not most, don't care. I did have one person tell me, that if a person came into the Church, only to disappear later, then perhaps the new member had decided that the Catholic Church was not for them after all.

I think, that many Catholics think that this is something that should be entirely left up to the priests and bishops, and that the laity has no role to play. They believe that such evangelistic work is best left to the clerics, and to others like The Legion of Mary, and Catholics Come Home.

This line of thinking is in itself entirely wrong. All of us have a role to play, by witnessing to our Catholic faith, and sharing the full truth of authentic Christianity with others.

Let them see what Catholics are like, what we believe, and how we care. Whenever one shares even one truth about the Catholic Church, he or she may be planting a seed that will bring forth fruit, and lead someone home to the Catholic Church.

Remember, the Holy Spirit can use you or me as the tool to lead someone where they truly need to be, and that is the One, Holy, and Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ. The Roman Catholic Church.


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