Thursday, July 11, 2013

North Carolina House passes milder pro-life bill after governor’s veto threat |

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  • The North Carolina House of Representatives has passed a new bill with greater safety regulations for abortion facilities by a vote of 74-41.
  • The House measure waters down a bill that passed the Senate yesterday, following a veto threat from the governor.
  • The original Senate bill, which passed 29-12, required offices that perform abortions to meet health regulations “similar to those for the licensure of ambulatory surgical centers.” It also mandated that doctors be “physically present” and "in the same room as the patient" throughout any surgical or chemical abortion. In effect, that would have ended the process of telemed abortions statewide.
  • It also included conscience protections and demands that the mother provide informed consent after receiving medically accurate information about abortion.
  • However, the proposed measures hit a brick wall when Governor Pat McCrory, a Republican, threatened to veto it unless “significant changes” were made.
  • In his 2012 campaign McCrory vowed not to sign any additional abortion restrictions into law, but said he may make an exception for this bill, which is a safety measure.
  • In response to the veto threat, House Republicans amended the bill and attached its provisions to a bill on motorcycle safety. The new bill asks state health officials to write rules "not unduly restricting access" to abortion.
[Call, email, or fax the Governor to sign SB353 into law.  His contact information can be found by clicking here.]

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