Monday, December 30, 2013

Pope Francis' Prayer Intentions For January 2014

Vatican City, 30 December 2013 (VIS) - The Pope's universal prayer intention for January 2014 is "that all may promote authentic economic development that respects the dignity of all peoples".

His prayer intention for evangelization is "that Christians of diverse denominations may walk toward the unity desired by Christ".

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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Assyrian International News Agency: Christians in Middle East Deserve Better

The following excerpts are from Assyrian International News Agency (

  • Since the so-called "Arab Spring," there has been a new Middle East Christian leadership that has emerged with policies that are more coherent, intellectual, and courageous in challenging the status quo and bringing into the open the plight of the Middle East Christians in their countries. This positive leadership has brought their various denominations together and has given new confidence to the local Christians in their countries because they all face similar challenges.
  • The plight of the Middle East Christians has also brought The Vatican and Arab and Muslim leaders to the understanding that emptying the Middle East of Christians and the rise of religious fundamentalism does not bode well for their governments or religion, and have initiated national and international conferences in the Middle East and abroad.
  • Even westernized Muslim leaders, such as Baroness Sayeeda Warsi (the British government minister for faith and the first Muslim member of British cabinet), called on western governments to do more to protect besieged Christian minorities across the world, particularly in the Holy Land where they are now seen as outsiders.....
  • However, European and American leaders seem to have reversed roles regarding the preservation of Middle East Christianity, Christians, their rights, and their existence. While President Vladimir Putin is publicly demanding the safeguard of Syrian and Middle East Christians, the American government is seen as doing the opposite by cooperating with politically-religious-minded political groups, such as in Egypt, the Syrian opposition, or by turning a blind eye to Iraqi Christians' dilemma after invading Iraq.
  • Pope Francis, like his predecessors, has been eloquent and outspoken regarding the Middle East Christians. Unfortunately, his message has been dimmed by the western press, who has been more interested in his "liberal" view than in his efforts to preserve the Middle East Christians....

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Assyrian International News Agency: Christians in Middle East Deserve Better

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Still Have Time To Get Mystic Monk Coffee

There is still time to get Mystic Monk Coffee in time for Christmas!

For the next few days, from now until 12pm Thursday 19th (Mountain Time), they will have $5 Third Day express shipping on all orders over $50 (retail orders in the US only, excluding Alaska and Hawaii). They will also have $9 Two Day Express shipping until 12pm Friday 20th (Mountain Time).

If you place your order before 12pm Thursday, and choose the Third Day Shipping, or before 12pm Friday and choose Two Day Shipping, it will arrive by Christmas.

And don't forget to enter JINGLE20 when you place your order for $20 or more to get a 6oz. bag of Jingle Bell Java!

Monday, December 09, 2013

From The Dignitatis Humanae Institute: "When Doctors Get it Wrong: The Tragedy of Aborting Healthy Babies"

Note:The following is a press release from The Dignitatis Humanae Institute

Rome, 9 December 2013

Shocking revelations from Britain of a mother giving birth to a perfectly healthy girl - after being advised by doctors to abort what they wrongly diagnosed to be a brain damaged baby, has called into question the quality and competence of medical counselling offered to pregnant mothers.

Speaking from his office in Rome, veteran Italian politician Luca Volontè, Honorary President of the European People's Party in the Council of Europe's Parliamentary Assembly and Dignitatis Humanae Institute Chairman, stated:

"This situation is tragic but sadly not surprising. In what must be a time of terrible anguish for the parents, all efforts must be made to offer extensive information and a variety of opinions - such neutral advice does not exist in Britain, nor in many other European countries. Companies such as Marie Stopes International are referred to for counselling directly by the NHS, while other genuinely independent organisations such as disability groups - those without a financial interest in selling abortions - are prevented from doing so.

"This particular case also demonstrates the subjective reasoning being made by medical staff on what constitutes 'life worthy of living' - a value judgement that many patients will often believe to be infallible , but as this case shows, patients should not be afraid to assert their autonomy on the best course of action."

Liane and Ian Stooke from Bristol were told by doctors their baby would suffer from severe brain damage and have little to no ability of recognition, communication or movement. Liane was already 30 weeks pregnant - beyond the normal limit for abortion - when doctors pushed for termination, stating her baby would not enjoy a meaningful life. "The doctor said it wasn't too late if we wanted to abort the baby - he made it sound almost as if there was no other option," said Mrs Stooke. Thankfully for baby Miley, Ian and Liane chose to defy such encouragements and proceed with the pregnancy, only to discover their daughter was perfectly healthy and suffered from none of the afflictions predicted by doctors.

Luca Volontè concluded:

"Evidently the support structure in place for parents in this position is not fit for purpose. How many times has this occurred? Why aren't such figures even recorded? Sadly, in 2011, the British Parliament rejected proposals from Nadine Dorries MP to increase the range of opinion and expertise available to pregnant mothers for counselling. I can only offer sympathy to all would-be parents across the world, who having aborted their own child under similar advice, now have to live with the doubt of what might have been, the doubt that they entirely unnecessarily terminated their longed-for son or daughter."

The Dignitatis Humanae Instituteaims to uphold human dignity based on the anthropological truth that man is born in the image and likeness of God and therefore has an innate human dignity of infinite worth to be upheld. The Institute promotes this understanding by supporting Christians in public life, assisting them to present effective and coherent responses to increasing efforts to silence the Christian voice in the public square.

Thursday, December 05, 2013

I Am In Need of Your Prayers

Well, today turned out not to be such a good day. I went to work planning on working my 2-10 shift. I went and got my tray ready, snd took it up front so the cashier who was working couid close out her shift and go home.

I had actually gotten there earlier than usual, when I saw the pike of letters for the road sign. The boss had wanted the sign changed when the stock person came in at 4. Since it looked like rain, I decided to go ahead and change the sign before the rain arrived.

Anyway, I had finished changing the sign, and was getting ready to come down off the next to the top rung on the step ladder, when the ladder started falling to the right, tangling my feet in it, and I hit the ground with a solid “thud”.

I twisted my back in the fall, and according to the x-rays, managed to pull the muscles in the lumbar region of my back.

I have known people who hurt their backs before, but I had no idea pulling the muscles in your back could hurt to the point that it makes you dizzy and nauseated. No, I didn't hit my head. If I had hit my head with this old hard head, I wouldn't have gotten hurt. (I said it before anyone else could, so there!)

I will have to be out of work through Monday, when I go back to the doctor. My employer's workmen's comp is taking care of the doctor, emergency, and med needs.

I won't get paid for the day's out (there is no disability insurance), and I can't afford to miss, but have no choice.

So I would greatly appreciate your prayers at this time. Also, I won't be posting to the “Daily Catholic Mass Readings”, “The Pope And Church News”, or “Saint Quote of the Day” blogs for the next couple of days at least. I typed this before taking the pain killers and muscle relaxant's.

Thank you, and God Bless you all!

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Pope Francis' Appeal For Nuns Kidnapped From The Santa Tecla Monastery, Syria

Vatican City, 4 December 2013 (VIS) – After today's catechesis, the Pope appealed to all present to pray for the nuns of the Greek Orthodox monastery of Santa Tecla and the Christian people of Maaloula, Syria, forcibly abducted by armed men two days ago and whose whereabouts are now unknown.

Let us pray for these nuns, for these sisters”, he asked, “and for all those who have been kidnapped as a result of the current conflict. Let us continue to pray and act for peace together. Let us pray to the Virgin”.

You can find more information at:
The news items contained in the Vatican Information Service may be used, in part or in their entirety, by quoting the source:
V.I.S. -Vatican Information Service.

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