Friday, May 31, 2013

SNAP leaders sought to squelch publicity on support for doctor in child-porn case : News Headlines - Catholic Culture

The following excerpts are from Catholic Culture's Catholic World News:
  • The founder and president of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) wrote a letter in favor of a Louisiana psychologist who was facing charges for child pornography, and urged SNAP members not to answer questions about the episode, The Media Report has disclosed.
  • In 2009, Barbara Blaine, the SNAP leader wrote to the Louisiana Board of Medical Examiners on behalf of Dr. Steve Taylor, urging the board not to suspend his medical license. Taylor eventually pleaded guilty to child-porn charges and was jailed; his medical license was suspended.
  • While Blaine’s involvement in the case has come to light in 2011, The Media Report has uncovered an internal SNAP memo from 2012, explaining Blaine’s support for Taylor and encouraging SNAP chapter leaders not to discuss the case. The SNAP memo tells members of the group that if questions about the Taylor case, “we’d recommend that you not respond.” The memo asks SNAP chapter officials to read and return the document, guarding against public disclosure.
[This is the same group that is supposedly supportive of those who allege to have been abused by priests. Can we say "hypocrites" here? Yeah, I think we should. Hypocrites.]

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Planned Parenthood Sues to Overturn Parental Notification on Abortion |

The following excerpts are from
  • The Planned Parenthood abortion business has always been against allowing parents to be notified when their minor daughter is considering an abortion.
  • While parents will be left to pick up the pieces for their teenagers who face medical or mental health problems following an abortion, Planned Parenthood prefers that parents not know when their grandchild may become a victim of abortion.
  • The abortion business is proving this again by filing a lawsuit in Montana to overturn new parental involvement guidelines.
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2013 Ordination Mass Diocese of Charlotte

A promotional video for the Diocese of Charlotte's Mass for the ordination of Jason Christian to the priesthood on June 22, 2013. Watch the ordination Mass live from St. Patrick Cathedral in Charlotte, NC, starting at 10 a.m.: 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pope Francis' Prayer Intentions For June

Vatican City, 31 May 2013 (VIS) - The Pope's general prayer intention for June is: “That a culture of dialogue, listening, and mutual respect may prevail among peoples.”

His mission intention is: “That where secularization is strongest, Christian communities may effectively promote a new evangelization.”

You can find more information at:
The news items contained in the Vatican Information Service may be used, in part or in their entirety, by quoting the source:
V.I.S. -Vatican Information Service.

Copyright © Vatican Information Service 00120 Vatican City

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New South Wales Parliament kills assisted suicide bill |

The following excerpts are from
  • Another euthanasia and assisted suicide bill was decisively defeated in Australia last week – this time in the Upper House of the New South Wales’ State Parliament.
  • The private members bill was introduced by Greens MLC, Cate Faehrmann, who adopted the title of the original Northern Territory Bill that passed back in 1995, and which was overturned by the Federal Parliament nine months later.  The "Rights of the Terminally Ill Bill 2013" was principally an assisted suicide bill with the ‘option’ of euthanasia if the patient was found to be unable to take the drugs for themselves.
  • A number of politicians had raised off-the-record concerns that Faehrmann’s bill was primarily a publicity stunt.  Faehrmann will resign from the State Parliament shortly to contest for a seat in the Senate in the September 2013 Federal Election for the Greens in New South Wales.
  • Legislators overwhelmingly rejected the bill, with 23 votes in favour to 13 against. There were also five abstentions plus one non-vote due to a resignation.
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New South Wales Parliament kills assisted suicide bill |

Sunday, May 26, 2013

From The Dignitatis Humanae Institute: Luca Volontè rallies millions of supporters to defence of the traditional family

Note: The following is a press release from The Dignitatis Humanae Institute

Rome, 26 May 2013

In a letter to the millions of French citizens who comprise 'Manif pour Tous' (March for All), the Hon. Luca Volontè, president of EPP-ED group in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, lauded this momentous breakout of grassroots support for the traditional family and their willingness to stand up and be recognised. While admitting of the great hardships to come in this "battle for civilisation", Mr Volontè reminded his French audience of the words of Paul Claudel, "Pour se poser, il faut s'opposer!" - "If you want to count for something, stand up and be counted!"

In describing the upsurge of grassroots campaigners as "the most beautiful surprise of Europe this year" Mr Volontè painted a stark picture of the generational struggle underway: "In recent months, from the UK to Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands, many believers and non-believers, Christians and Muslims alike, have descended to the streets with the courage to protest against the laws and policies of governments that seek to change society and our very human nature. In recent months, it seems to be politically incorrect to affirm the simple truth of the facts, the truth of human life, the truth of all ages, the dignity of human life from conception to natural death, truth of the family founded on the love of a father and mother, truth of the freedom to express their own religious beliefs in public."

As opposed to the authoritarian nature of their detractors, Mr Volontè praised the restrained, peaceful courage of March for All, "Your daily presence in public places with candles, your silence for reflection and prayer are the most resonant sound you could give the French government. A silence that can move mountains and ideological preconceptions throughout France and across Europe."

Striking back at the violence brought to bear upon such protesters, the Italian politician decried the creeping censorship being embedded throughout European nations, and highlighted the police repression witnessed so recently in France against large-scale, peaceful demonstrations: "Many of us are still horrified by the violence of the police in different countries of the today, in this civilized Europe, images of unprecedented violence against children, parents, young people and priests in France are not provided by the public and private television."

Yet in spite of these struggles, the letter was filled with hope and encouraged the many millions, hailed by one commentator as a "formidable and diverse mass of people" to draw strength from their unity, and evoke the memory a France's former heroes: "From Scandinavia to Hungary, Poland, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands to Bulgaria, a secular and Christian people, Jewish and Muslim rises to defend his convictions and affirm their dignity. You are not alone, I tell you with strength! You have shining examples before you, who defended the unity and sanctity of the French nation, from St. Joan of Arc to Jacques Maritain, Charles Peguy and today many other brave promoters of the truth of man."

Luca Volontè concluded with G.K. Chesterton's prophetic words of a hundred years ago: "Fires will be kindled to testify that two and two make four. Swords will be drawn to prove that leaves are green in summer. We shall be left defending, not only the incredible virtues and sanities of human life, but something more incredible still, this huge impossible universe which stares us in the face. We shall fight for visible prodigies as if they were invisible. We shall look on the impossible grass and the skies with a strange courage."

Speaking during his visit to France, Luca added "I would like to thank the leaders of Mainf pour Tous for inviting me to their manifestation, it is a great honour and a great sign of our close friendship."

[Letter translated from original French, which can be read here]

The Dignitatis Humanae Institute aims to uphold human dignity based on the anthropological truth that man is born in the image and likeness of God and therefore has an innate human dignity of infinite worth to be upheld. The Institute promotes this understanding by supporting Christians in public life, assisting them to present effective and coherent responses to increasing efforts to silence the Christian voice in the public square.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Take A "Catholic I.Q. Test"

Today, I took the "Catholic I.Q. Test" online. It is a fun and interesting test to take. You don't have to be Catholic to take the test, either.

It makes you think about what you know (or think you know) about the Church history, scripture, the Sacraments, the heresies, the clergy, the Mass, the Holy Eucharist and more.

It takes about 2 hours (roughly) to complete the test. You can register (not required), and start the test, and then log back in with your registered name and password to complete the test later.

Also, when the test is completed, it will show you your score automatically, and they will email you the results if you'd like, with reading suggestions for the areas you are weaker in, which is a nice touch.

Another nice feature is, it will allow you to post your score, according to your parish, country, and your parish location, too.

A perfect score on the test is 202. I scored 181.

So go take the Catholic I.Q. Test here.

Chicken if you don't!

Addendum: The blog visitors from Canada, Alabama, United Kingdom, Norway, and West Virginia are NOT chicken!

The remaining 50 of you who didn't go...I hear the sound of flappin' wings...

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Need Your Prayers

I find myself still in need of your prayers for my needs. Please keep me and these blogs in your prayers.

Thank you all! May God bless you and Our Lady keep you in her care!

A Prayer Request For Oklahoma

Tomorrow, is May 22, my birthday, in which I like to say, it is the 19th anniversary of my 39th birthday.

That however, is not the important thing here. The important thing right now (to me anyway) is to pray for the tornado victims in Oklahoma. Many of us, myself included, are very blessed to never have suffered the devastation that a tornado can bring.

We complain and gripe about the's too's too's too's too wet. Yet many, if not most of us have never truly suffered from such devastation that weather can bring in the form of tornadoes, hurricanes, and flooding, just to name a few.

So, I am going to post here a prayer to Saint Rita of Cascia, and also one to Saint Jude the Apostle. Both are patrons of desperate and impossible causes, and I feel that the victims in Oklahoma may feel that their situation is both desperate and impossible.

I also chose both saints, because Saint Rita's memorial is on my birthday, May 22, and Saint Jude is my patron saint. Both have certainly helped me in my situations that I have felt were desperate and impossible.

Thank you Saint Rita of Cascia and Saint Jude the Apostle for prayers answered.

Prayer to Saint Rita of Cascia

Holy Patroness of those in need, Saint Rita, you were humble, pure and patient. Your pleadings with your divine Spouse are irresistible, so please obtain for us from our risen Jesus the request we make of you: the relief, uplifting, and healing of the people afflicted by the tornadoes in Oklahoma. Be kind to us for the greater glory of God, and we shall honour you and sing your praises forever. Glorious Saint Rita, you miraculously participated in the sorrowful passion of our Lord Jesus Christ. Obtain for us now the grace to suffer with resignation the troubles of this life, and protect us in all our needs. Amen.

Prayer to Saint Jude the Apostle

Glorious Saint Jude, with faith in your goodness we ask your help today. As one of Christ's chosen Apostles, you are a pillar and foundation of His Church on earth. You are among the elders who stand always before God's throne.

Brother Jude, you are renowned for your kinship with Christ and your physical resemblance to our Savior. Help us to remain close to Christ and resemble Him in our outlook and actions.

Holy Apostle, you are venerated for your work of preaching the gospel and your faithfulness to Christ by a martyr's death. Assist us to preach the good news of Christ by word and example, and remain steadfast in His service as you were.

From your place of glory, do not forget the needs and difficulties of Christ's little ones like us, still struggling on the way home to God. Pray for us that we may receive the consolation and help of heaven in our necessities, tribulations and sufferings, particularly pray for the consolation and help of Heaven for the victims of the Oklahoma tornadoes, and that we may praise God with you and all the elect forever.

Intercede for us all, gracious, brother Saint Jude, and pray for us to the Lord our God in our daily toil and our necessities. Amen.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pope Francis to Hold Global Pro-Life Conference, Pro-Life Mass on June 16 |

The following excerpts are from
  • Pro-lifers held their breath the day the world received a new Pope. They did not question his pro-life credentials but wondered if he would speak forcefully.
  • An old quote soon surfaced and concerns faded. “Defend the unborn against abortion even if they persecute you, calumniate you, set traps for you, take you to court or kill you. No child should be deprived of the right to be born, the right to be fed, the right to go to school.”
  • On Sunday, June 16, Pope Francis will celebrate a Mass for Life in St. Peter’s Square.
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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Unethical Scientists are Making Human-Animal Hybrids, Again |

The following excerpts are from
  • How often we are told by “the scientists” that those outside the field have no business telling them what to–and more particularly, what not–to do. And yet, again and again and again, we learn that some scientists refuse to restrain themselves.
  • A new story in Slate about scientists making human/animal hybrids is a case in point.
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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Prayer Request

I am in need of your prayers, please. My eyes seem to be getting worse, at least it's more noticeable to me, especially at night. Hopefully, I can get them checked in the next few months, and find out what I can do to have the cataracts removed. Thanks, and God bless you.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Most Recent Blog Visits (Makes My Day)

The image below shows what country the most recent visitors to my bogs came from. 

You will see near the bottom, Vietnam as one of those countries. That visitor went to the "Daily Mass Readings" blog. So did visitors from Nigeria, the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Russia, and more. Some went to "Saint Quote of the Day" and "Favorite Prayers and Scripture", like the visitors from Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.

When you start feeling doubtful that anyone is reading your blogs, you can look at these, and see why it is important and worthwhile to keep on keeping on.

Thanks So Much!!

Thanks to all of my blog readers for your purchases of Mystic Monk Coffee. The commissions I have earned will help pay my power bill.

The good monks from Mystic Monk Coffee have not yet decided what flavored coffees they are going to add for this summer. So, for a limited time, they have samples of six flavors available, and will base their summer offerings on the flavor best liked by you, their customers.

Here is what they have to say:
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So hurry and go here to get your sampler pack, and then vote for your favorite. I can tell you that the two top contenders as of this post, are Blueberry Muffin and Banana Rum.

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If you'd still like to make a donation, then click the button below. Thank you, and may God Bless you all, and Our Lady keep you in her care!

Evangelization: Something We Should All Do


The article begins as follows:

"On occasion we hear the admonition from Rome or the local pulpit: evangelize. Go forth and speak of Catholicism. Spread authentic Christianity!
We hear that good notion (part of Christ's own admonition) but usually with little advice on how to do it [this was written before the Pope's recent remarks].
Yet, ways there are.
The most basic: go to homes; door to door; visit people in your community; show them what Catholics look like and act like and believe like, as opposed to the conceptions they may have from the media.
If Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons can do it -- if evangelicals can, with substantial results -- why can't the world's oldest and most authentic form of Christianity?"

Indeed, why can't Catholics....or even more importantly....why don't Catholics go door to door?

I have asked this question many times, and the only response I have ever gotten is a shrug of the shoulders.

It makes one ask questions. Do Catholics not care if no one else comes home to the Catholic Church? Do they not care if people come into the Church, only to disappear a short time later?

It would seem on the surface at least, that many, if not most, don't care. I did have one person tell me, that if a person came into the Church, only to disappear later, then perhaps the new member had decided that the Catholic Church was not for them after all.

I think, that many Catholics think that this is something that should be entirely left up to the priests and bishops, and that the laity has no role to play. They believe that such evangelistic work is best left to the clerics, and to others like The Legion of Mary, and Catholics Come Home.

This line of thinking is in itself entirely wrong. All of us have a role to play, by witnessing to our Catholic faith, and sharing the full truth of authentic Christianity with others.

Let them see what Catholics are like, what we believe, and how we care. Whenever one shares even one truth about the Catholic Church, he or she may be planting a seed that will bring forth fruit, and lead someone home to the Catholic Church.

Remember, the Holy Spirit can use you or me as the tool to lead someone where they truly need to be, and that is the One, Holy, and Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ. The Roman Catholic Church.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Mothers Day!

Mom Knows Best Gift Set

May means Mother's Day (as well as the 19th anniversary of my 39th birthday), and it 's time to think of some gifts for dear old mom.

So, once again, the Carmelite Monks of Wyoming have some Mystic Monk Coffee gift ideas for your mom for this Mother's Day.

First, they have the Mom Knows Best (and she always does, at least mine did) gift set.  It has a $25 dollar gift card, along with nine sample packages of the monk's favorite coffees, two bag clips and a stainless coffee scoop. Once mom has sampled her favorite coffee, she can order more with the $25 gift card. You can order it here.

At Mystic Monk Coffee, they have a selection of other Mother's Day Gifts (both wrapped and unwrapped), which you can see and order here.

So let's tell mom she is the best by giving her a gift of the best coffee and tea available online from Mystic Monk Coffee.

And remember, your purchase of Mystic Monk Coffee helps to support the Carmelite Monks of Wyoming!


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