Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Sweet Tea!!

That's what we call it down south. One can not be a southerner and not love their sweet tea. It's against the law!

OK....maybe it's not against the law....or maybe you'd just be reported to the Daughter's of the Confederacy, and there would be a long line of little old ladies with blue hair waiting for their turn to smack you one with their purse for having the audacity to dislike sweet tea.

And if you want to have some really refreshing sweet tea (iced tea for all you northerners and other uneducated people), then you have got to try the Iced Tea Blend from Mystic Monk Coffee. It is very good.

What? You didn't know that Mystic Monk Coffee has tea? You need to pay closer attention. If you used my links to Mystic Monk Coffee, you'd know these things! The good monks at Mystic Monk Coffee also have such teas as Mango Fusion, Peach Pizzazz, Earl Grey, and English Breakfast Tea.

You can also find their great coffees as usual (don't forget about the Monk Shots), including their Bolivian Fair Trade Organic!

With the weather getting warmer and more humid though, nothing hits the spot like a tall glass of sweet tea, especially if it is from Mystic Monk Coffee, where your purchases helps support the Carmelite Monks of Wyoming.


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