Monday, October 13, 2014

Snickering Monk? It's Not What You Think!

One of the things I like in life is humor. I enjoy it immensely. After all, with a face like mine, you better learn what humor is and how to laugh really fast.

So, the good monks of The Carmelite Monks of Wyoming, who offer their great varieties of Mystic Monk Coffee, have shown that they also enjoy a little humor with the name of their flavored coffee, Snickering Monk Candy Bar Coffee. (I can somehow imagine a group of snickering monks in a corner by themselves.)

They describe Snickering Monk as:

"Rich chocolate, roasted peanuts and sweet caramel, combined with the finest 100% Arabica coffee make the Snickering Monk Candy Bar a coffee to remember. Add warm cream and sweeten for a delectable fall treat!"

The Snickering Monk is available in regular ground and whole bean, and in ground decaffeinated.

They also have available their Thanksgiving Blend well in time for the cooler weather.

It is described as follows:

"Initial grapefruit impressions give way and open up to panoramic complexity; The malt, dark chocolate, cloves and charred cedar notes quickly gain momentum and surge into an expansive and full-bodied aftertaste that slowly retires, leaving traces of caramel, vanilla and bittersweet chocolate. Versatile enough to be served with or without cream, this complex blend is the perfect accompaniment to any dessert."

The Thanksgiving Blend is available in regular ground and whole bean only.

So you may want to give one of both of these coffees a try.

Don't forget, they also have Monk Shots available in several varieties for those of you with single serve machines, and they have 15 varieties available in 5 Pound Bags for parishes and offices/

Either way, when you purchase Mystic Monk Coffee, your purchase helps to support the monastery of The Carmelite Monks of Wyoming.


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