Friday, January 30, 2015

The "Doghouse" or the Happy House...It's Your Choice Gentlemen!

Chocolate Covered  Cherries from
Mystic Monk Coffee

Gentlemen, allow me to say...survival is a strong instinct. Very strong. Indeed.

If you don’t want to be in the proverbial “doghouse” this St. Valentine’s Day...and for several days thereafter...I have some good news!

The good monks at Mystic Monk Coffee have come to the rescue! Yours. Not mine. It’s a tad too late for an old over the hill bachelor of 59 such as yours truly to be rescued...but that’s a story for another time and one that I’ll just keep to myself.

Nevertheless...the good monks now have available just in time for St. Valentine’s Day their wonderful Chocolate Cherry Coffee, available in regular ground, decaffeinated ground, and whole bean regular. Their letter tells me that they are roasting it fresh as I type this.

Now maybe your sweet thing isn’t a coffee drinker...but is a chocolate lover...and is especially a chocolate covered cherries lover. I don’t blame her. I am suspicious of anyone who doesn’t like chocolate covered cherries. Especially these Chocolate Covered Cherries from Mystic Monk Coffee which their letter tells me are “real dried cherries, coated first with a layer of milk chocolate, and then finished with a layer of cherry flavored white chocolate.”

Stop drooling!

If you can’t make up your mind as to which one to get...then get both! Just order the Valentines Gift Set! It has 2 packages of Chocolate Covered Cherries, and 1 package of Chocolate Cherry Coffee, all tastefully packed in a beautiful red box.

See how easy that is? Get the gift set and you don’t even have to wrap it!

Or at the last minute you can always run over to the drug store and buy her one of those tired...lame..."I put no thought into this"...heart shaped box of chocolates that have been sitting in a warehouse since before Christmas.

So you can either be in the “doghouse”...or the happy’s up to you. I can lead the horse to water but I can’t make him drink! always....your purchase of Mystic Monk Coffee helps to support the monastery of the Carmelite Monks of Wyoming and this blogger!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Prayer Request To Find A New Job

It seems that I am in extreme need of your prayers once again.

Yesterday, I was fired from my job. I don't want to go into all the details as to why here.

Let me assure you all, that I did not do anything unethical or illegal.

I was essentially fired because I had complained in front of a couple of customers and another employee that my work hours had been cut. The owner had said he had to cut hours because business had slowed down. Then he hired three new employees after telling me that, and no one else had their hours cut. The three new employees made a total of 9 employees at a convenience store/gas station that has one cash register, 7 fuel pumps, and that is open from 5:30 AM until 10:00 PM weekdays, with shorter hours on the weekends

So I was told I was being “let go” for the talking and that I had not been “happy” there for awhile.

I suppose I should have just kept quiet and took it in stride, but alas....I am human. I tend to gripe when I feel I am not being treated fairly.

Whenever the owner went out of town, it was me who was told to do the bank deposits every day. It was me who was told to go to Sam's Club (over 20 miles away with no fuel compensation) to pick up ordered merchandise 2 or 3 times per week during the owner's week long vacations.

So much for loyalty. So much for staying even after someone ignited a pipe bomb underneath the propane tank in the early morning hours of a November Saturday.

So I guess it is good that I am gone after all. God never closes a door without leaving us an open window.

I had been there for just over 2 years, so now I need a new job. Prayers, once again are greatly needed and appreciated!

Thank you and God bless,

Steve Smith

Friday, January 09, 2015

No Room in America for Christian Refugees

The following excerpts are from All emphases are mine:

At the end of World War II, the Jewish survivors of Europe's Holocaust found that nearly every door was closed to them. "Tell Me Where Can I Go?" was a popular Yiddish song at the time. Decades later, the Christians of the Middle East face the same problem, and the Obama administration is keeping the door shut.

America is about to accept 9000 Syrian Muslims, refugees of the brutal war between the Assad regime and its Sunni opposition, which includes ISIS, Al Qaeda, and various other militias. That number is predicted to increase each year. There are no Christian refugees that will be admitted.

Why? Because the Department of State is adhering with all the rigidity of a Soviet era bureaucracy to the rule that only people at risk from massacres launched by the regime qualify for refugee status. The rapes of Christian women and the butchery of Christian children do not count. No matter how moved Americans were this Christmas season by the plight of their fellow Christ followers in Syria and Iraq, no matter how horrific the visuals of beheadings, enslavement, and mass murder, the Christians fleeing death do not engender the compassion of this president. The Christians are being raped, tortured, and murdered by militias, not by the Syrian government. This technicality condemns them to continue to be victims without hope. And this technicality is being adhered to with all the tenacity with which President Franklin D. Roosevelt's State Department manipulated quotas and created subterfuges to keep out the Jews fleeing the oppression of Nazi Germany. Obama no more wants the Middle East's Christian refugees than Roosevelt wanted Europe's Jewish refugees.

We have seen in the last several weeks that President Obama has no difficulty using his "phone and his pen," as he dramatically boasts, to circumvent the law. When it comes to immigration, he had no difficulty enacting an amnesty that a federal judge subsequently ruled unconstitutional. He has had no problem circumventing Congress to change the relationship with Cuba. This president has shown that he will push back on the constraints of law when he wants to get something done.

But there are not even such constraints when it comes to the Middle East's Christians fleeing the brutality of ISIS and Al Qaeda. The Department of State chooses to adhere to a definition of refugees as people persecuted by their own government. What difference does it make which army imperils the lives of innocent Christians? Christians are still be slaughtered for being Christian, and their government is incapable of protecting them. Does some group have to come along--as Jewish groups did during the Holocaust--and sardonically guarantee that these are real human beings?

The Christians would barely have to be vetted for ties to terror organizations, which by their very nature do not take Christians. Meanwhile, there is the uncomfortable issue that among the Sunni refugees there are some in league with the Sunni terror militias. And beyond that there is the equally uncomfortable question of the acculturation of segments of the Muslim community. is time for all people of good will to say to the Obama administration that telling Christians awaiting death that there is no room for them in the inn is not only unacceptable, it is also, to use President Obama's own words, "not who we are." This season, Christians need to make their voice heard. They should not act as the Jews did, waiting for a president who had no intention of doing anything, to do something.

Read more by clicking below:
No Room in America for Christian Refugees

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Cardinal George dropped from cancer drug trial, asks for prayers :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)

Cardinal Francis George of Chicago, at a press conference at the NAC on Feb. 27, 2013.
Credit: Paolo Tiranti/CNA

The following excerpts are from Catholic News Agency (CNA):

Chicago, Ill., Jan 6, 2015 / 11:03 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Cardinal Francis George has asked for continued prayers after being dropped from a cancer drug’s clinical trial, which was determined to be ineffective for him.

He is at peace, but he counts on everyone’s prayers that he might be of service to the Lord and His Church in the time left to him,” the Archdiocese of Chicago said Dec. 31.

Cardinal George would like to thank all those who have been praying for him, and asks them to continue to do so. You and those you love are remembered in his prayers as well.”

The 77-year-old cardinal and archbishop emeritus of Chicago had been taking part in a clinical trial conducted by University of Chicago Medicine, while also being cared for by Loyola University Hospital.

The drug, from the pharmaceutical company Genentech, is designed with the intention of helping the human body’s immune system recognize and attack cancerous cells, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. Tests indicated that the drug has not been effective for the cardinal.

The archdiocese said the physicians and others overseeing the treatment of the cardinal have assured him that the information gathered in the clinical trial will help benefit others.

Cardinal George will meet with his doctors to discuss how to address his cancer’s side effects. His cancer at present has not spread to any vital organs.

Read more by clicking below:
Cardinal George dropped from cancer drug trial, asks for prayers :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Feast of the Epiphany of the Lord (Goffine's Devout Instrctions)

What festival is this?

This festival is set apart to solemnly commemorate the coming of the three wise men from the East, guided by a miraculous star which appeared to them, and directed them to Bethlehem, where they found Christ in the stable; here they honored and adored Him and offered gifts to Him.

Why is this day called Epiphqnid Domini, or Apparition of the Lord?

Because the Church wishes to bring before our mind the three great events in the life of Christ, when He made known to man His divinity: the coming of the wise men from the East, through whom He revealed Himself to the Gentiles as the Son of God; His baptism, on which occasion His Divinity was made known to the Jews, and His first miracle at the marriage of Cana, by which He revealed Himself to His disciples.


Behold the Lord the Ruler is come; and the kingdom is in his hand, and power and dominion (Mal. 3). Give to the king thy judgment, O God; and to the king's son thy justice (Ps. 71:1). Glory be to the Father.

Read more by clicking here.

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Continued Prayers Please

Steve Smith

I am asking for your prayers for my worsening eyesight. I have cataracts, and my eyesight worsens daily it seems. I can definitely tell the difference between now and this same time last year.

I can especially tell the difference when it comes to posting for my blogs. If it continues, I may have to give up blogging altogether in a few more months.

So if you see a spelling or punctuation error in my blog posts, Facebook posts, or tweets on twitter, I apologize. Sometimes I just don't see them until well after the posts and someone points them out.

I have no health or vision insurance from work, as my employer does not offer either.

Your continued support through prayer is greatly appreciated.

I would also like to thank all of you who have made contributions for my situation through PayPal and GoFundMe, or have made purchases of Mystic Monk Coffee and my Zazzle products from Faith of the Fathers Catholic Gifts. All have been of a great help in my present situation, and I appreciate it very much!

May God Bless you and Our Lady keep you in her care!


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