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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Opinion: The Undeniable History of the Democratic Party

The modern Democratic Party seems unable and unwilling, to separate itself from the evil history of it's past. An evil past which it continues to this day.

The Democratic Party, was responsible for the forced removal of the Cherokee and other Southeastern Native American Nations, to Oklahoma.

The Democratic Party was responsible for seceding from the Union of the United States, and starting the Civil War for the sole reason of slavery.

The Democratic Party was responsible for the creation of the Ku Klux Klan, and all the repression and murder it brought upon black citizens, Catholics, Jews, and all whom it considered "less than human".

The Democratic Party was responsible for the Jim Crow laws throughout the South, that denied people of color equal rights, and equal access.

The Democratic Party was responsible for the evil of abortion and all of the inherent horrors that it brings to the most innocent and vulnerable among us.

The Democratic Party, was responsible for the acceptance of the evil called "assisted suicide", and pushes for the acceptance of this atrocity nation wide.

The Democratic Party has now passed a bill into law in New York, that allows for the murder of babies up until the moment of birth, and state legislatures including Vermont, Virginia, North Carolina, Rhode Island, and more are also calling for such legislation, under the guise of “women's healthcare”.

The Democratic Party has the undeniable history of promoting hate, discrimination, death, and destruction throughout it's entire existence.

Tell me how the Democratic party "cares" about people again. Their historical actions in the past proves that “care” is all a complete and total lie.


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