Thursday, February 04, 2010

About Commenting On All 24 of Faith of the Fathers Blogs

Regular readers of these blogs, may recall that we recently implemented some changes in the layout of these blogs, and that we also started using a new comments managing system from Disqus.

We are very pleased with the disqus system, but we are forced to make a change in the way we utilize it. There have been some attempts by some individuals to post comments that have included profanity, obscene jokes, and links to "questionable" sites. We were fortunate enough to catch these comments before they made it to the posts they were attached to. The individuals leaving these comments must think it funny. We don't.

There have also been some recent comments from folks who just couldn't resist the "opportunity" to attack and condemn the Catholic Church, and Catholics in general. There was one individual tonight who had left 2 comments of condemnation that was 14 long paragraphs in the first, followed by 2 paragraphs in the second. They were deleted for the following reasons:

  1. They were far too long for a comment
  2. The purpose of these blogs is to share our faith and to encourage all Christians.
  3. We are not here to engage in debate over our faith.
  4. We do not, and will not go to blogs of any other belief system and attack or condemn them

We suggest you begin your own blog and share what your faith is if you are so inclined to write such long diatribes.

Now for those who left comments on our blogs in the past, you may have noticed that your comments have disappeared. When we switched over to disqus, the former comments management system we used was so poorly designed, that it failed to export over 95% of the comments that existed at the time, and the comments were lost. So, in other words, due to one of those wonderful internet and computer glitches that we are all far too familiar with, they are gone, and we did not delete them. We would love it in fact if they were still here.

Now, to get on with what changes are now in place for all future commenting on these blogs. All comments will now be moderated. If you make a comment, don't get upset when you don't see it right away. The comment will come to us for approval before it will be published. It may take us one to two days to get them approved, as we do have to work our public job like everyone else. So please, we ask you for your patience and indulgence. 

This will also make it a bit more secure for our readers to read the comments here, as no one will be able to place any comments with links, until those links have been checked for safety and appropriate content. You also won't have to worry about your children reading an inappropriate comment, clicking an uunsuitable link, etc.

The only way one can comment without moderation, is if they and their blog or site are registered with disqus. Rest assured, if we get any comments from registered users that are inappropriate, confrontational, abusive, etc., we can then moderate all comments, and will do so if it becomes necessary.


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