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Friday, March 29, 2013

Some Good Friday Art By James Tissot

There is a fairly large series of paintings by James Tissot called "The Life of Our Lord Jesus Christ". There are quite a few that relate to Good Friday. I am going to post here those paintings that relate  to the gospel readings from the Gospel of John for  Good Friday. I will try to post them in the order the scenes are spoken of in the gospel. But if I get them out of order, please keep in mind it is late, and I am not a spring chicken any longer. They actually are here in there original form if you'd like to see those instead. They begin with the second painting on row 8 of the page there.

I will post them as small here, and you can click each individual image to see the higher resolution full sized image.

The Procession of Judas

The Guards Falling Backwards

The Ear of Malchus

The Tribunal of Annas

Saint Peter and Saint John Follow from Afar

The First Denial of Saint Peter

The Second Denial of Saint Peter

The Third Denial of Peter

The Cock Crowed

Jesus Before Pilate, First Interview

The Scourging On The Front
The Scourging on the Back
The Crowning of Thorns

Behold the Man

Let Him Be Crucified

Jesus Before Pilate, Second Interview

The Judgment on the Gabbatha

Jesus Bearing the Cross

The Garments Divided by Cast Lots

Woman, Behold Thy Son

I Thirst, The Vinegar Given to Jesus

It Is Finished

The Strike of the Lance

The Descent from the Cross

Jesus Carried to the Tomb

Jesus in the Sepulchre


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