Monday, February 22, 2010

Meditations from Carmel

Meditations from Carmel is a site from The Order of Carmel Discalced Secular (OCDS), a community of lay Roman Catholics.

From their main page, you may scroll to the bottom of the page, where there are several links. OCDS gives you a history of the OCDS as well as a link to the OCDS community blog .

Click Carmel from the main page, and you will find History of Carmel, as well as information on many Carmelite Saints, including Saint John of the Cross, Saint Teresa of Avila, Saint Therese of Lisieux, and more. There are also devotional links there as well as links to Carmelite resources.

You will also find links to OCDS podcasts and an mp3 library of Meditations and readings from the writings of  several illustrious Carmelite saints, and mp3's of novenas as well.

They will be given a link in our sidebar as well as in this post.. and they are already listed in our blog roll  in the right hand sidebar.


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