Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ave Maria Radio Fall Membership Drive

At this time Ave Maria Radio is holding their Fall Membership Drive.

We have a link to Ave Maria Radio on the sidebar of all of our blogs, and we also have Ave Maria Radio as one of the default radio stations for the radio player on Faith of the Fathers Community toolbar.

The station is one of the great sources and voices for the New Evanglization. To keep offering fine Catholic faith programming, they are in need of financial support from their loyal listeners. As they reminded me in their email to me:

  • "Ave Maria Radio has touched thousands of lives is dedicated to making more and better Catholics by proclaiming that Jesus is Lord over all areas of life. So please do what you can to keep Ave Maria Radio going and growing."
The Fall Membership Drive ends on Friday, so you can make your donation by Calling 1-877-288-1077 or go to .


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