Monday, January 03, 2011

Winner Announced for 2010 CINO Awards

The winner of the 2010 CINO (Catholic In Name Only) Awards have been announced at Serviam. The nominees for 2010 were:

Nancy Pelosi
Doug Kmeic
Joe Biden
National Catholic Reporter
America Magazine 

Go on over to Serviam to see how your candidate fared!


  1. Some of these folks are in the running for a lifetime achievement award.

  2. Sometimes I wonder why John Allen sticks around with that group.

  3. I agree 100% ! Did you see the post on the blog "Creative Minority Report",
    where a "writer" for the fishwrap (NcR) wrote a piece pretending to be the
    Pope writing a letter to House Speaker John Boehner? They seem to be losing
    it. The post from "CMR" is here:



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