Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Obama says he will no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act |

Obama says he will no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act |

It seems that Obama has decided he doesn't need the Supreme Court to determine the constitutionality of a federal law. He has decided that "parts of the Defense of Marriage Act are unconstitutional", and has decided that the Justice Department will no longer defend the act in court, but that it will be left up to individual states, groups, and organizations to defend it. Of course, Attorney General Eric Holder agrees with him wholeheartedly. 

Supposedly, Obama still "opposes" same sex marriage, yet White House press secretary Jay Carney today said that he is “grappling with the issue.”

I don't get it. Is this not the same administration who sued the state of Arizona for passing an Immigration Enforcement law (which is identical to the Federal Law by the way) that proposed to enforce illegal immigration laws which the federal government won't enforce?

So now, the administration wants the states and groups to go to court to enforce federal law which the administration will not enforce?

It seems this administration has a penchant for choosing what laws to enforce, and which ones to ignore. They seem to be leaning moreso to ignoring than enforcing federal laws

This is the same administration which in recent days, has weakened the rules protecting healthcare workers who object to abortion due to their religious and moral beliefs.

This administration has shown a complete lack of courage and willingness to enforce federal laws, and is intent on showing that there is no moral compass guiding this administration and the so-called justice department at all.

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  1. This is a desperate move by B.O. to play to his base. Pretty sad that he's pulling this card this early... and we all suffer the consequences.



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