Monday, December 19, 2011

Now You Can Search Faith of the Fathers Blogs

I have started adding a search box on the top of the right hand sidebar of each of the blog pages. It is powered by Google, and will allow readers to search for blog posts, or topics on each page of Faith of the Fathers blogs.

It will search the page you are on for topics related to just that page, such as follows. Let's say you are on "Daily Mass Readings" and you are curious as to what dates Psalms 100 appears in the daily readings. You type in Psalms 100, and you get the results with the dates going back to 2006.

Currently, the search box is here on the main blog page, and is also on : Daily Mass Readings, Pope Benedict XVI, Approved Apparitions, The Early Church Fathers, and Saint Quote of the Day.

I will be adding it to more as time permits.


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