Sunday, May 27, 2012

A New "Subscription" Option

I am going to give something a try, and I hope it is something that subscribers to the various blogs under the  "Faith of the Fathers" banner will like and use.

Some of our blogs subscribers subscribe to more than one feed. It can make a feed reader "crowded" so to speak, if there are 3, 4 or more subscriptions, and some people don't like to have too many separate feeds to keep up with. So, I have come up with an option.

It is the option of subscribing to one, single "feed" for all of the posts to all "Faith of the Fathers Blogs". That way, there is one single feed for Saint Quote of the Day, Daily Mass Readings, Pope Benedict XVI, The Early Church Fathers, Our Lady and all the rest of our blogs. You can scroll through that one feed for all the new posts instead of having to go from one feed to another and another.

So, on each blogs left hand sidebar will be a heading that says "Subscribe Now: Get the Latest Posts From All Faith of the Fathers Blogs In One Feed!" The subscriber can click the icon to add the feed to their favorite feed reader if they desire, and can then eliminate all of the individual blog feeds from that same reader. The option to subscribe to each individual blog will remain for those who are just interested in one or two blogs.

I any event, here is an active subscription icon for those who want to subscribe to all blog posts now:


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