Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Alcoa boy's sick service dog needs your help

This photo is of young Lucas and his service dog, Juno, which has been seen all over the internet. Now you know who they are.
In case you are not familiar with this story: A terminally-ill child is missing his service dog because she's battling her own severe illness at a local vet. Lucas Hembree's father rescued Belgian Malinois Juno from euthanasia at a shelter two years ago. Now she's a vital part of the family, credited with saving the little boy's life several times by detecting oncoming seizures.

Lucas, 5, has a rare genetic disorder called Sanfilippo Syndrome. Some people refer to it as childhood dementia. Most patients are in a vegetative state by their eighth birthday, which is why getting Juno better and back by Lucas's side is so important. 
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Alcoa boy's sick service dog needs your help


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