Saturday, November 17, 2012

Saint Jude's Chapel of Hope

Not too many miles from where I live in western North Carolina, there is a tiny chapel called Saint Jude's Chapel of Hope.

In 1981, a lady by the name of Beverly Barutio was diagnosed with advanced cancer. She underwent several rounds of chemotherapry. The cancer continued to advance, and the side effects from the chemotherapy were so bad, that Mrs. Barutio stopped the treatments.

She prayed to God, and to Saint Jude, the patron of hopeless, desperate, and impossible causes. Her prayers were answered, and later checkups revealed no signs of the cancer.

For a number of years, she had wanted to build a chapel to thank God and Saint Jude for her miracle, a place where others could pray and hope for their own miracles. So, some years later, she and her husband moved to Trust, a small mountain community in the mountains of western North Carolina. 

There in 1991, at the intersections of Highway 63 and Highway 209 in Madison County, she and her husband built Saint Jude's Chapel of Hope. A little 12 foot by 14 foot cedar chapel that is always open for anyone to go in to pray, mediate, and hope. At the front of the chapel there is a cross, an open Bible, and a shrine to Saint Jude.

If you are ever in western North Carolina, and would like to visit Saint Jude's Chapel of Hope, it is located between Hot Springs, and Waynesville, N.C. From Waynesville of Hot Springs you can follow Highway 209 to Trust, NC. From Asheville, you can follow Highway 63 (New Leicester Highway) to Trust. It's a beautiful drive

Also, if you go, be sure to stop and eat at the cafe of the Trust General Store. If you leave there hungry, it's your own fault!


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