Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Syrian Bishop Warns Intervention Could Spark 'World War'

The following excerpts are from Assyrian International News Agency:
  • A Syrian Chaldean Catholic bishop on Monday warned that an armed intervention in Syria could unleash a "world war", while the Vatican's official newspaper called for more "prudence" from Western powers.
  • "If there is an armed intervention, that would mean, I believe, a world war. That risk has returned," Monsignor Antoine Audo of Aleppo told Vatican radio.
  • "We hope that the pope's call for real dialogue between the warring parties to find a solution can be a first step to stop the fighting," he said.
  • Audo is also the head of the Syrian arm of the international Catholic charity Caritas and has repeatedly warned about the human cost of the war.
  • The Vatican daily, L'Osservatore Romano, meanwhile criticised Western powers in an editorial.

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