Thursday, January 16, 2014

Another Problem

Once again, I find myself in a most embarrassing situation, and I am in quite a quandary.

As you know, I hurt my back at work due to a ladder falling....while I was on it. I twisted my back in the fall, and have a "slight compression fracture". It is still bothering me somewhat, but is slowly improving.

Because of the back injury, I missed over a week of work, and there is no such thing as any insurance where I work. Plus, my employer had already started cutting our hours a good month before my fall. I have a power bill that is overdue, for $444.89. I have until January 22 to pay it, or my power will be turned off. If the power is turned off, I will have no water, as well as no heat, and no lights.

I am fortunate that my landlady, allows me to access her internet service with my wireless adapter. (I mention this for those who wonder why I still have internet.)

I don't have cable or satellite TV, or even over the air TV. I have not had TV service in fact, for almost 8 years.

I would be very, very grateful for any donations you might be able and willing to make. We are having a colder winter this year than we have had in several years, and electric heat is my only source of heat.

If you can't make a donation prayers are greatly appreciated as always.

Thank you, and God bless you all!


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