Monday, December 15, 2014

Urgent Prayer Request -- Please Read -- UPDATED

UPDATE 12/15/2014

Just got very good news from my "daughter" Jackie. Everything is fine and she says that the "baby is perfect and moving around like crazy ". Thanks to all for your prayers! God is good!


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Jackie R., a young lady I work with, has essentially "adopted" me as her dad, and really thinks of me in that way.

Jackie is about 3 months pregnant. Well, this evening, she called me at work from the hospital. She was bleeding and was taken to the emergency room.

The good news is, that the baby seems to be OK at this point. They were able to detect it's heartbeat. However, Jackie has to really take it easy until she can see her doctor on Monday, so that they can try to determine what is taking place.

I was the first person she called to tell what was going on, and she asked me to pray for her and the baby, and she asked me to ask my friends and family to also pray for them. Please also pray for her husband, as I know he is also worried. Jackie tries to play "cool and tough" but I could hear the fear in her voice.

So, I am asking all of you. Family...friends...acquaintances... both near and far... to please pray for Jackie, her husband and their little one.


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