Sunday, July 17, 2016

I'm Tired

I'm tired.
Tired of all the hate. Tired of all the encouragement of division from the media, the President, and the race baiters.
I am tired of special treatment of some, and a lack of mercy for others.
I am tired of being labeled a racist and a hater for the sole reason of being a white, southern male, and Catholic Christian.
I am tired of spoiled  politicians and "celebrities" whose only concern is for themselves and their careers.
I am tired of those who belittle  us for our faith, our love for country, and our moral integrity.
I am tired of those who want to tell us about their worries and concerns, but demand we keep quiet about ours.
I am mostly tired of those who do not value life from the cradle to the grave, and are so willing and able to take it.
I am tired that we all ask why, yet we fail to turn to God for the answers and the direction we need.
Aren't you tired, too?

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