Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Couple of Reading Suggestions From Our Blogs

Here are two reading suggestions for those of you new to our blogs. Some are buried way deep in the archives, and only get read by accident now and then.

The first is by Marie, posted on April of 2006. It is called "Spiritual Priorities". Here is a snippet: "To help us visualize what we have placed as all important let us do this test......If you were told that you had only 48 hours to live, what would you be impelled to do? Go out and buy the latest scandal sheet in order that you know who is divorcing who or what star is squabbling with another? Would you go to your local blockbuster video and DVD store and order reruns of your favourite soap opera's then sit glued to your sofa as you spend the remaining hours of your life in front of the telly?" This is on the "Spirituality and Mysticism" blog.

The second is by me, Steve. It is called "Too Smart For The Church?" It was posted on February of 2006. Here is a snippet: "We have all seen those individuals or groups of individuals, who think that there is nothing more for them to learn about our faith, that they have grown spiritually as far as it is humanly possible for them to grow. These self-assured people think nothing more can be acquired by them from the study of Holy Scripture, the writings of the Saints, nor from the instruction and guidance of the Church. We have even seen some proclaim themselves the only “true Christians”, the only “true Catholics”." And this one is on the "Spiritual Warfare" blog.

I seem to be stuck in 2006 on these two suggestions, but I encourage you to explore the archives. There are some good posts there, especially those by Marie.


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