Monday, February 06, 2012

Mystic Monk Coffee

As many of you know, a certain national coffee chain, has decided to support same sex marriage.

A well known and well respected Catholic priest and blogger has suggested...and I whole heartedly agree...that instead of supporting that certain national coffee chain, coffee drinking Catholics should consider buying Mystic Monk Coffee instead.

In case you weren't aware, Mystic Monk Coffee is roasted and blended by the Carmelite Monks of Wyoming. They roast and blend coffee to raise money for their monastery in Wyoming. Roasting coffee is also a form of manual labor for their monastic way of life. So by purchasing Mystic Monk Coffee (ground or whole bean), you can help support the Carmelite Monks of Wyoming, and feel good with the knowledge that you are not supporting a company that endorses same sex marriage. It also helps me out with the commissions I get from sales that originate on "Faith of the Fathers Blogs" when you go their web site by clicking our links and graphic ads.

I have never drank any of the coffee from that certain national chain, but I have drank the Cowboy Blend, the Hermits Bold Blend, and the Mystic Monk Blend. I enjoyed all three, but the Mystic Monk Blend is my favorite.

This month, the monks are also offering a flavored coffee, Choclate Cherry (ground only) that they describe as:"The sweetest of all the Mystic Monk Coffee flavors, chocolate cherry brightens your day with a wild tart burst of flavor." Also available are Chocolate Covered Cherries which they describe as: "Real dried cherries, coated first with a layer of milk chocolate, and then finished with a layer of cherry flavored white chocolate. Pair with one of our flavored coffees for a special winter treat!"

If you are not a coffee fan, the good monks also have Mystic Monk Tea available.

So give the good monks some support with your purchase of Mystic Monk Coffee!


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